Games Night Part 1

On a regular basis, Mrs J and I with a few friends, get together for a games night, its a chance for us all to catch up, eat good food and play table top games.

One couple hosts and feeds, one couple supplies pud, one couple brings the beverages.

Tonight its our turn to host, and I’ve gone slightly off piste.

A few months ago I had a bright idea, a ‘why not for a change create a fun competition for games night’ kind of idea.

I ran the idea past Mrs J who was on board then drafted an invitation email to send to all parties, the response was positive so being the geeky kind of chap I am I then made a trophy and various other ‘bits’.

All is a suprise for now!

I will post an update of the night, im just finishing the last bits now! 5 hours to go!


Update:Unfortunately one of our friends was not able to attend so we have postponed the GNWC evening till we can all participate and enjoy together.