Another long pause…….

Well…… sooo….. yet again there seems to have been a delay in postings!! This time I do have a valid reason!

In between my last post and this post Mrs J, Little J and I have moved house and have stated a 1:1 scale terrain decorating project, so no hobby building/painting work has taken place, although there has been 3 games of Bolt Action completed with varying successes!

The first two games were completed on the same day. Mr A, Heer J, Comrade S and myself met in Mr A’s garage to be confronted with a 10ft long by 4ft terrain board. A 4ft x4ft town had been added!

The Town....
The Town….

For this games day we tried something different, two games running at the same time at different ends, the loser’s of the first game would then face each other, followed by the winners facing each other!

Initially I met Herr J in the farm area of the board, it was a capture the objective scenario…..

The objectives were the Farm House, a bunker, and a down Sherman. To win the attacker needed to hold two out of the three objectives, if the objectives were shared then it would be a draw and the winner would be decided on the amount of opposition order dice held.

I would be the defender and Herr J the attacker. in truth is was so long ago I can only really remember a few details…..

A stand out moment was running a squad of infantry towards Herr J’s troops when an air strike was called, the area had too many of my units in with pins to survive an air strike! the result on the game was a win for me, I think we each held an objective and one was contested, i went through to the ‘final’ as I held more of Herr J’s order dice!

Mr A was beaten by Comrade S meaning that in the final I would meet Comrade S in the final.

For the final I would be the defender holding the town and Comrade S had to take the town square fountain, and two houses one at either side of the town. This was a resounding win for Comrade S and the Russians, out of 15 units I was left with only 5. Comrade S still had 10 out of 16 units and the objectives were his!!

My third game was just this previous weekend. I went against Mr A and the British in a similar scenario, this time we would both hold one edge of the town and we would need to capture the fountain plus the oppositions targeted building it win the game.

This was the first time I had played in an urban setting and boy was it a different way of thinking! the building were both opportunities for cover but physical blocks for both thinking and movement – it was amazing! Unfortunately by the time i had worked out my game plan the game was all but over, I had lost too many units and gained too many pinned units to enable a significant attack/response. The fountain and Mr A’s designated house were his with the victory!

For only a second time in all the games we played a unit had equal amount of pins to its morale  value, causing the unit to flee rather than being destroyed!

This game made me think and learn a lot, so much so I was still thinking about the game a few days later. the biggest thing I have taken from the day apart from ‘pins mean prizes’ is that if you take the time at the beginning to think of a plan stick to it! for the first three turns I was reactive and not proactive, I was reacting to Mr A’s moves instead of concentrating and playing my own. it was another excellent gaming experience!

The more table time we have the more gems I find from Bolt Action!

until next time (I’ll try not to leave it so long!!)


a view of the farm land
a view of the farm land

Rangers WiP Pt 3……….

Well, work on the Rangers is continuing (previous WiP here) albeit slowly!

Jackets started
Jackets half way (ish)
Jackets done!

The jackets and trousers will all be painted using Tamyia paints. I’m not really a fan of these paints I find them hard work! More of a Revell or Vajello paint man myself!

Still on to the trousers!


Keeping on trucking…..

I settled down last night with the best intentions of building more of the Rangers (10/25 to go!). Instead I may of been slightly sideswiped with new shiney toys!

I opened my lead box to search for some more weapons from my bits box as I was/am slightly concerned I don’t have enough BAR’s for my selection choice, and I instead found a bubble wrap bag containing a ‘Deuce and a half’ that Mr S had given me as a birthday gift.

Additional transportation!

The kit is a mixture of metal and resin from Warlord. It comes with two options for the cab structure, the machine gun mounting shown above and a covered cab. I have gone for a bit more fire power!

As with the majority of Warlord kits it doesn’t come with a construction diagram, I can understand this as there is no reason one cannot go to the Warlord website and view construction diagrams on line……. except there isn’t a Deuce diagram!

It’s not too difficult to work out what goes where and why, I did struggle with the support strut for the gun mounting but the good old Web sort that out!

The tricky gun mount

I really enjoyed making this kit (although I need to attach the cab to the trailer still!). The cab and trailer requires a small amount of clean up but nothing major. I would normally have done this before gluing but getting sideswiped and having a small person asleep means I’ll do it before priming!

I would certainly recommend this kit!

Transportation ahoy!

I have found that I may need to wear face masks and probably goggles when using super glue! Since stopping gluing I have had a block nose! It’s slowly receding!

Until next time!


Slow progress

A few post back (link below) I posted about the growing lead pile, I thought it would be best to buy/receive in bulk.

Additional Reinforcements,  Larger Lead Pile

The reasoning being that with a scaled down human, and moving from the geek cave to a geek house it would be a good idea to have a pile and work through. So far so good!

It’s daunting having a lot of miniatures but in a way it’s ideal, I have a project that I can dip in and out out depending on a time window.

So here’s tonight progress……..

Fiddly Plastics!

The Rangers are taking shape slowly,  back row is a five man engineer squad.

The front two rows are a ten man Ranger squad.

A quick scan of the Battleground Europe supplement found rules for engineer squads. I really need to read on  and develop!

Slowly moving forward!


Played 5, Won/lost/drawn……

It’s coming up for a year since we all got together as a geek club and started down the murky path of tabletop wargames.

The initial battle

In that year I personally have played 4 games of Bolt Action and a game of Tank Wars.

First battle against the Brits was closely fought but ultimately was won by the Brits.

Brits 1 : USA 0

The Second Attempt!

The next match up was in the geek cave of Mr A, again the Brits went toe to toe with the Americans. Another close fought battle where both sides new toys were taken out very early!

After two encounters against the Brits this is a difficult battle where both Mr A and I through tactics out the window and try to match each others strength. It’s an  ‘Ah your attacking me with an armoured jeep, I’ll attach you with my armoured car!’ kind of battle!

Brits 2 : USA 0

That night the Germans took on the Soviet army. Both fought valiantly but this was ultimately won by the Germans after Mr D carries out a ‘tactical retreat’, we have renamed this Running away!

The next meet up the Germans and Americans were up against each other.
This was a different difficult battle to the Brits, Herr D has some big armour, this caused me to have armour blindness and forget about the very strong troops!

Heavy losses were taken early on causing me to throw caution to the wind and use my Airbourne squad to assault a tank, this surprisingly nearly worked!

Ultimately enough USA order dice were in possession of the Germans for the Americans to be defeated

Germany 1 (with a tactical retreat included): USA 0.

Sofar it’s played three lost three for me. I am the groups wooden spoon!

Major Winters to lead the troops!

Finally in the last maximum attrition two Saturdays ago was the USA against the Soviets of Mr S.

To begin with this was the largest battle either Mr S or I have played, approx 2800 each, we had everything on the table!

In total there were 48 units, 22 Soviet, 26 USA. The battle lasted approximately 6 hours!

I changed my tactics this time, instead of trying to just take out units to win order dice I tried to put as many pins on the targets as possible. I felt focusing on the dice was clouding the game for me.

This worked for me, I was able to do us on the squad movements and longer game plans rather than fire fighting and reacting to others movements.

After turn one it was I had 3 order dice, Mr S had 1.

After turn two, 4 soviet dice in my possession,  1 USA dice to the Soviets.

By turn five it was 5 dice in my possession to 3 in Mr S’s. Due to the length of time the turns were taking Mr S and I were going to call it a draw. Due to the close nature Mr D and A said no, we were both in a position where it could go either way, we played on……

Turn six ended, I had taken the victory 12 dice to 7.

USA 1 : Soviets 0

It was another close battle….. This one resulting in my first win!

A lot of things to think about!

Honestly each of the nation’s are extremely difficult to play and require a different approach and mind set, it’s because of this that all four of us really enjoy this hobby!

The Brits are extremely hardy.
The Germans are tough with strong armour.
The Soviets are hardy, have strong armour and there are loads of them!

An amazing hobby, where I am still the wooden spoon!

Until next time!