The Bunker

Whilst on a weeks leave I thought I would make a start on scenery and terrain for Bolt Action.

Although I have USMC units (and now Infantry and Airborne!) I fancied building more European terrain.

After a trip to Hobby Craft to pick up some supplies and materials, I set about building.

Being an engineer and working on a personal project, no plans were drawn up. Measurement were made throughout.

Here goes……

Initial shape
Glued together
All purpose filler applied
Primed nicely
Painted and glued to base - with removable lid
Sand and rocks added
Nearly done

And now some action shots……





Till next time!


Games Night part 2

Well its been a month since my last post and a month since the rearranged first Games Night World Championships has been held.

As mentioned in a previous post this evening was a different take on our regular meet ups with friends.  I had decided to take the games playing to a new level and create a friendly championship. I also used the night as an excuse to introduce our favourite games to a wider audience.

Firstly, you cant have a championship without a trophy so I spent a weekend with my FiL and created this:

The trophy was made from a piece of fence post, and constructed in the FiL’s garage over the New Year break!

In the balance fairness FiL also made this for the lowest non winner:


The lowests scoring non winner was to receive a Ludo piece constructed from the same fence post as the die.

The rules for the evening were simple:
1. Each couple was to bring a game.
2. The evening was mainly about fun and not serious.

Mr S and Mrs S brought to the table Formula D.

Mr P and Mrs H supplied What Am I Logo Game.

Mrs J and I supplied Munckins, Qwirkle and for an interlude game, Zombie Dice.

The playing order was decided by working out how much concentration was required for each game and putting the hardest thinking game last.

Games order:

Formula D

Each player would be awarded points dependant on where they finished. First placed would be awarded 10 points, second place 8 points, third 6 points, fourth 4points, fifth place 2 points and finally sixth place was awarded with 1 point.

Mr S also supplied caricatures based on each persons ‘gamer tag’ and favourite films. These were to come in handy for Munchkin!


After all gamed were played Mr S was the deserved winner, he was leading most games, if he was not winning he was certainly up there!

Mrs J played valiantly, eventually walking a way with the lowest scoring non winners trophy.

In the mid field Mr P, Mrs H, Mrs S and myself.


All in all it was a very enjoyable evening where we were able to introduce a different take on tabletop games to our friends.

The best bit about the evening was a text from Mr P who was researching different games.

Till next time!

Who knew backstabbing would lead to this!!

So, its been nearly a month since my last blog and yes it would have been sooner if I hadn’t had bloggers guilt!

Blogger guilt: having a post idea to write but not posting beacuse ‘it’s been too long’

In the last four weeks I have played and enjoyed more games of Formula D with Mr S, and introduced some other friends to the game that accelerated my love of tabletop gaming.

That game is Munchkin.

A bit of history, for a long time now I have been speaking about Munchkin to a friend at work, not going into too much detail. I held back on the detail as you never know how much of a geek the other person is. I can go on about the game for an age but find out the other person  has lost interest when they hear the words dungeon and cards. This didnt happen, Mr A wanted to hear more.

Mr A was asking about the game and the dangerous phase ‘I’d like to try that’ was uttered.

This phase sparked an new geeky friendship, the conversations soon gained another member in the form of Mr D.

These converstaions always revolved around our geek passions, tabletop games for me, model making for Mr A and star gazing/train set building (one off project) for Mr D. We would each describe progress on projects and bounce ideas off each other until we made the decision to get together and have a games night.

This night was to introduce Mr A and Mr D to Munchkin.

Munchkin is a game when you kick in the door, defeat a monster, take its treasure and backstab your friends.

It is essentially a RPG but without the character backstory and long length of storytelling.

The main premise is to get to level 10 first, yup thats all!

You start the game as a level 1 human, you are dealt eight cards (four door and four treasure), these cards will be a mixture of Monsters, weapons, curses, potions, races, classes and special items.

The weapons will give you bonuses, so as a level 1 human with a rat on a stick with a +1 (hey its better than nothing) will mean you have +2 to attack with. This is good if you have to fight a level 1 monster, but you will either need help from another player or run away.

As you defeat monsters you go up a level and get treasure, increasing your attack points, potions and curses as you go.

When you get a few levels ahead of the other players, they will backstab you to stop you from  winning. This can be done in any number of ways, cursing the player to lose bonuses, stealing items, stopping them from defeating a monster or aiding the monster by giving it additional bonuses.

For a more coherent overview I would suggest watching the episode on TableTop.

We agreed that we would go to Mr A’s house one Saturday and the introduction would begin. Due to having the deluxe version (comes with a board and figures) of the game we set up on the coffee table and started.

The next thing we knew SIX HOURS HAD GONE BY!!

We played quite a few games, laughed through out, and without knowing started something which has grown.

We left Mr A’s and the next time we saw each other we discussed meeting up again, we now have regular chats as a three via Whatsapp discussing each of our geeky passions, spurring each other on, offering advice and continuing to laugh!

The geek circle grows! (I won’t leave it so long next time!)

That New Game Experience

More often than not, when there is some quite time I will be watching Tabletop or The Dice Tower on YouTube. If something catches my eye I will text a friend, Mr S, will something like ‘this is worth a watch’ and wait for the response before giving my opinion.

My geekyness about tabletop games has rubbed off onto Mr S after introducing he and Mrs S to Munchkin, Mr S asked where I found the game and when I started explaining, alot of the references were to Tabletop. Since then we have regular conversations on the videos or what looks interesting to play.

The games I have got and use to introduce friends and familiy to other tabletop games have all come from me getting over excited watching Tabletop.

One evening whilst texting about Tabletop I suggested that Mr S should watch the Forumla D video. 20 minutes later a text came through:

‘Sweet! Formula D looks awesome, like it!!’

‘Hahaha, its different isn’t it!!’ Was my reply.

We then moved on to discussing our staple topics.

Last night Mrs J, myself and Mrs and Mrs S had an impromptu games session. After dinner we had the usual favourites ready, Munchkin, Zombie Dice, Qwirkle but Mr S added to the mix, Formula D was revealed.

Mr S and I explained the premise of the game and it received a good response from Mrs’ J and S. The game was set up and we settled down to play………….

In short Formula D is a risk taking strategy game, each player has a car, a gearbox counter with scorecard. The aim of the game is to finish the race first, simple.

There is a catch though, speed depends on which gear you are in and the gear signifies the dice which you roll. Heres a brief explination:

1st gear – yellow die – 1-2spaces
2nd gear – orange die – 2-4spaces
3rd gear – red die – 4-8spaces
4th gear – green die -7-12spaces
5th gear – purple die – 11-20spaces
6th gear – blue die – 21-30spaces

Add to the mix each for corner on the track there is a requirement to stop the designated times (1,2 or 3 times dependant on how difficult the corner is).

If you end up stopping on your die roll too close to another racer, you and the player who you stopped close to have to roll the Danger dice. This d20 will let you if your car has taken damage.

The game comes with two courses, Monaco and a street track. There are also different types of car, a F1 type car and a street car.

We raced using the begineers rule of each player gets 18wp (wreck points). These come in to play if you take damage by getting too close to another racer, or if you do not stop in the red zones of the corners the stated number of times you take as much damage as the number of spaces over shot.

The better you roll, the faster you go, changing gears to take corners. If you change down too quickly you put strain on your gear box and loose WP. Go from 5th to 3rd you loose 1WP, 5th to 2nd you loose 2WP.

In the end we completed three races, two using the Monaco track and one on the street track, with which ever cars took our fancy. Each time the races were varied and so much fun.

I can say this is only the second game that has given me the ‘WOW, that was amazing! Lets play again!’ Feeling straight away.

When I initially watched the Tabletop episode featuring Formula D I thought the game looked good but Mrs J wouldn’t be a fan because of the racing element. I was really wrong! Both Mrs J and Mrs S really enjoyed the game and were looking forward to racing again.

This is why I really enjoy Tabletop gaming, finding the game that connects with everyone is amazing. When the races had finished we were all talking and disscussing the game, what we would have done differently and looking forward to playing again. Formula D is definatley a game I look forward to playing again and most probably again, and again.

Thank you Mr S for sharing this game!


Heres a shot of us racing f1 cars on the street track, the yellow two signifies the amount of time you need to stop in the red/white corner area.