Updates, a different Games Night, starting blogging again….,

Well its been an interesting few months, very little blogging, but very interesting.

We have new addition to the geek world joining us in August. I have had an unexpected trip to A&E where my gall bladder was whipped out, and work has been very busy.

Little Geek (arrival in August) has had his furniture build and room cleared for his/our toys! Mrs J and I are in the process of nest building. So far we have rearranged the front room, bedroom and have just completed the garden and man hole (the shed!).  I am so excited and cant wait for LG!

My gall bladder removal came out of the blue, we had the Mums and Dads round for dinner and I experienced heart burn, indigestion,  back pain all in one go. Being a strong brave man I moaned about it to the evening, until it came to bedtime where I couldn’t rest and was moaning in pain.

I vaguely remember saying yes to Mrs J calling the out of hours NHS line, an ambulance arrived, I was taken to the local hospital, moaned in pain and given pain killers, then transferred to another hospital. The next thing I know is a doctor comming round, sending me for a CAT scan, then breaking the news I would lose my gall bladder! All in 24 hours!!! I left hospital the next day and six weks later I have never felt so good!

During my recuperation we had a Games Night held at Mrs H& Mr P’s house. As usual we had a lovely meal of Chicken Supreme and homemade Key Lime Pie (made by Mrs J). Instead of playing tabletop games,  we had an evening of Wii gaming.

Usually I am a Xbox360 man, playing all sorts of games. Recently Mr S and I have had a discussion about the merits of tabletop gaming and computer gaming. We both agreed that for an all inclusive, high conversation, high enjoyment evening then tabletop games are they way forward. Recent Games Nights have proven this. The six of us have had a great laugh, discused varying topics, and couldn’t wait to do the whole thing again.

Now Mr S and I can spend all day on the Xbox or PS3 playing against each other, working together to complete missions and generally behaving like the children we are, but we dont talk or catch up. We are very insular.

The Wii evening broke the insular rule. We were all engaged in the sports, laughing along, chatting whilst others were playing. It was a revelation.

Thank you Mrs H and Mr P for a different  yet similar games night!