Deeper down the rabbit hole………….

So a while back I posted a blog about a meet up with Mr A and Mr D and introduced them to Munchkin. Well that night we, amongst other things, discused our projects. Mr D with his train set, my various wood working projects, and Mr A mentioned he was planning a SpaceHulk layout.

SpaceHulk, a corridor based miniatures game based in the Games Workshop 40k era set in a large crashed spaceship or as the title suggest a spacehulk. We had all dabbled in the GW world, I’d mainly based myself fantasy era while Mr A and D were 40k players. During the night and preceding week we were disscussing various plans and ideas for the bespoke hulk, then Mr A sent this link out….

Beasts of War – Bolt Action Demo Game Part 1

We were hooked immediately!

For me the hook was not just the beautiful models, the rule set, random turn placement (these grabbed me and gave me a good shake!). It was the scope and adaptability of the game options, if we wanted a game based on tight corridors and house rules, we could. If we wanted an epic battle we could. Plus the scenarios for each battle coukd have vaarious abjectives and story lines.

Since this initial video we have a decided on nations, each had a rule book and nation book, and are well on the way to finishing painting our c1000point platoon!

Its been a busy few months, with lots of planning and painting, and even a first game (more on that soon!!).

Heres to the next blog…….

Oh, the nation choices are…….

Mr A – The British and Commonwealth (only fair as Mr A is a real life veteran)
Mr D – The Germans
Moi – The USA
New addition Mr S (from previous blogs) who may choose the Russians!