Not quiet a year but nearly!


Nearly went a year without blogging but not quite! Three quarters of the Gaming group met up to get a bit of table time on the soil of Mother Russia (albeit in Kent!).

As a group we have changed the way we approach each game of Bolt Action dramatically from the first few. Gone are the ‘go nuts’ get as much out as possible on the table and max attrition, we now roll for each scenario and have a point limit. This way we have found we can get more games in during a meet up!

Commrade S, Herr J and I got some table time on Commrade S’s board, unfortunately Mr A was un able to join us for this outing.

First up I played Herr J in a Top Secret Mission. The objective was to reach the downed tank containing a brief case of secret information and take it off your table edge.

This game in truth was a short sharp victory for Herr J who played a near perfect game! Within 3 turns his troops had reached the objective, retrieved the objective and were three quarters of the way home.

The second game was Commrade S against Herr J in a game of envelopment. Commrade S as the defender had to stop Herr J from entering his territory and getting off the board.

Watching the Soviets against the Germans was an interesting one. Both of the set ups are extremely strong, especially when Commrade S seems to have Jedi powers when it comes to rolling a six! A heavy mortar has never hit so much when Commrade S rolls! Eventually during this game Herr J took the win 16 points to 4.

Final Commrade S and I played a scenario of Max Atrrition as laid out in the rule book. Prior to this game I changed my list taking out an armoured car and exchanging it for another squad of infantry. It was pretty liberating not having armour distracting from my choices. I find that the shiney metal vehicle becomes the focus of my attention!

For the first few turns I started strong taking 4 out of the 9 dice on offer. From turn 3 Commrade S pulled it back leveling at 4 dice each. After 5 turns we were level at 5 dice a piece, with only support troops left. It was here we called a draw as all remaining units were too far away from each other to do anything.

An extremely enjoyable day as always! Commrade S’s Russian forest of a board is an extremely enjoyable board that really makes you think about the choices you make!

I shall leave you with some photos! Until next time!


Russian tank meet American Bazooka!
The Germans advancing through Russian lines
The advancing Russians
American Sniper taking aim
An American Airstrike hits!

Sneaky peaky….. Engineers

More detailed photos of the Engineers……..




Rifleman with Bangalore……



I’m enjoying putting together the plastic parts, although the glueing of metal to plastic is ‘fun’ especially when I’m more successful at gluing my fingers together!

Until next time,


Deeper down the rabbit hole………….

So a while back I posted a blog about a meet up with Mr A and Mr D and introduced them to Munchkin. Well that night we, amongst other things, discused our projects. Mr D with his train set, my various wood working projects, and Mr A mentioned he was planning a SpaceHulk layout.

SpaceHulk, a corridor based miniatures game based in the Games Workshop 40k era set in a large crashed spaceship or as the title suggest a spacehulk. We had all dabbled in the GW world, I’d mainly based myself fantasy era while Mr A and D were 40k players. During the night and preceding week we were disscussing various plans and ideas for the bespoke hulk, then Mr A sent this link out….

Beasts of War – Bolt Action Demo Game Part 1

We were hooked immediately!

For me the hook was not just the beautiful models, the rule set, random turn placement (these grabbed me and gave me a good shake!). It was the scope and adaptability of the game options, if we wanted a game based on tight corridors and house rules, we could. If we wanted an epic battle we could. Plus the scenarios for each battle coukd have vaarious abjectives and story lines.

Since this initial video we have a decided on nations, each had a rule book and nation book, and are well on the way to finishing painting our c1000point platoon!

Its been a busy few months, with lots of planning and painting, and even a first game (more on that soon!!).

Heres to the next blog…….

Oh, the nation choices are…….

Mr A – The British and Commonwealth (only fair as Mr A is a real life veteran)
Mr D – The Germans
Moi – The USA
New addition Mr S (from previous blogs) who may choose the Russians!