The chosen side!

Recently I have made reference to my new geek strand of Bolt Action but I am yet to show my hand as it were!

I picked the Americans, due to the lovely miniatures and the fact I was watching Band of Brothers!

During this shopping spree I had decided I didn’t want to buy a starter army. I couldn’t justify the money without playing first!

After shopping round and looking at the infantry boxes I decided on the US Marine Corp.  Plus I ordered a Medium Machine Gun (MMG) and a medium mortar.

I had already splashed some cash on an Airfix M4A3 Sherman tank from Hobbycraft whilst shopping for our new arrival!

In the end my reinforced platoon consists of:


1 x 1st Lieutenant


1 x Forward Observer Officer


1 x Sniper Team


1 x   Bazooka Team




3 x 8 man squads. Each with a NCO with sub machine gun and at least 7 rifles (one squad contains a shot gun).


1 x Medium Machine Gun.


1 x Medium Mortar


1 x M4A3 Sherman Tank.

All have been completed over the last 6 weeks.

All four of us nation’s have been bitten by the BA bug! So much so we are all off to the Warlord Games Games Day next month!

This visit was supposed to be a shopping day, but alas we have broken and ordered more units early.

I’m very excited as my box of US infantry and squad of US Airborne have been dispatched today!

Fingers crossed for a delivery tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “The chosen side!

  1. gigs64 July 24, 2014 / 10:12 am

    I like the painting.

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