Another long pause…….

Well…… sooo….. yet again there seems to have been a delay in postings!! This time I do have a valid reason!

In between my last post and this post Mrs J, Little J and I have moved house and have stated a 1:1 scale terrain decorating project, so no hobby building/painting work has taken place, although there has been 3 games of Bolt Action completed with varying successes!

The first two games were completed on the same day. Mr A, Heer J, Comrade S and myself met in Mr A’s garage to be confronted with a 10ft long by 4ft terrain board. A 4ft x4ft town had been added!

The Town....
The Town….

For this games day we tried something different, two games running at the same time at different ends, the loser’s of the first game would then face each other, followed by the winners facing each other!

Initially I met Herr J in the farm area of the board, it was a capture the objective scenario…..

The objectives were the Farm House, a bunker, and a down Sherman. To win the attacker needed to hold two out of the three objectives, if the objectives were shared then it would be a draw and the winner would be decided on the amount of opposition order dice held.

I would be the defender and Herr J the attacker. in truth is was so long ago I can only really remember a few details…..

A stand out moment was running a squad of infantry towards Herr J’s troops when an air strike was called, the area had too many of my units in with pins to survive an air strike! the result on the game was a win for me, I think we each held an objective and one was contested, i went through to the ‘final’ as I held more of Herr J’s order dice!

Mr A was beaten by Comrade S meaning that in the final I would meet Comrade S in the final.

For the final I would be the defender holding the town and Comrade S had to take the town square fountain, and two houses one at either side of the town. This was a resounding win for Comrade S and the Russians, out of 15 units I was left with only 5. Comrade S still had 10 out of 16 units and the objectives were his!!

My third game was just this previous weekend. I went against Mr A and the British in a similar scenario, this time we would both hold one edge of the town and we would need to capture the fountain plus the oppositions targeted building it win the game.

This was the first time I had played in an urban setting and boy was it a different way of thinking! the building were both opportunities for cover but physical blocks for both thinking and movement – it was amazing! Unfortunately by the time i had worked out my game plan the game was all but over, I had lost too many units and gained too many pinned units to enable a significant attack/response. The fountain and Mr A’s designated house were his with the victory!

For only a second time in all the games we played a unit had equal amount of pins to its morale  value, causing the unit to flee rather than being destroyed!

This game made me think and learn a lot, so much so I was still thinking about the game a few days later. the biggest thing I have taken from the day apart from ‘pins mean prizes’ is that if you take the time at the beginning to think of a plan stick to it! for the first three turns I was reactive and not proactive, I was reacting to Mr A’s moves instead of concentrating and playing my own. it was another excellent gaming experience!

The more table time we have the more gems I find from Bolt Action!

until next time (I’ll try not to leave it so long!!)


a view of the farm land
a view of the farm land

Rangers WiP Pt 3……….

Well, work on the Rangers is continuing (previous WiP here) albeit slowly!

Jackets started
Jackets half way (ish)
Jackets done!

The jackets and trousers will all be painted using Tamyia paints. I’m not really a fan of these paints I find them hard work! More of a Revell or Vajello paint man myself!

Still on to the trousers!