GNWC….. The Return!

The rematch is on, the venue set for Thanet, and the participants ready. It was time for titles to be defended and the hope of new winners to be broken……. its time for another Games Night World Championship!

Would Mr S retain the Winners trophy? Would Mrs J retain the Non winners trophy? Would we have new winners? The excitiment is building to 11. Here goes……

For this event Mrs H, Mr P, Mrs J and myself would be playing against Mr S and Mrs S in their home statium in Thanet.

The games commenced after a beautiful dinner of Spaghetti Bolognese followed by Lemon Merengue Pie. The chosen running order was as follows:


A very close game for all, this was Mrs H and Mr P’s second game. By Level 4 we were all in the swing and cursing/back stabbing like mad! After a dramatic ending where all but two players were on Level 9 Both Mrs H and Mr P won (Mr P assisited and was allowed to move up a level too!) Not bad for their second game!

1st: Mrs H and Mr P (10points each)
2nd: Mrs J (8points)
3rd: Me (6points)
4th : Mrs S (4points)
5th: Mr S (2points)

Zombie Dice:

A five minute filler where the first to scoff 13 brains would take 5 bonus points, everyone else would receive ziltch!

1st: Mrs H (5 bonus points)

(A trend was beginning to show at this point!)


Apart from Mrs J and I this was only the second or third time the rest of the part had played this game. I think the more I play this game the more I love how simple it is but how strategic it is!

1st: Mr P (10points)
2nd Mrs H (8points)
3rd: Me (6points)
4th: Mrs S (4points)
5th: Mr S (2points)
6th: Mrs J (1point)

At this point in the championship it looked as though Mrs H and Mr P were flying away with the victors die!

A new game for the GNWC was next, Mrs S’s favourite game…… PassĀ  the Pigs. A ‘pig’ throwing game where the position the pair of pigs land scores you points, unless you ‘pig out’ (both pigs on their sides with one side with a dot and one side without) this will zero your score for that round.

Pass the Pigs:

1st: Mr P (10points)
2nd: Me (8points)
3rd: Mrs S (6points)
4th: Mrs J ( 4points)
5th: Mrs H (2points)
6th: Mr S (1point)

Formula D.

Yes, the game reliant on good dice rolls and a good strategy was next (I should have remembered this!!). This is a game I always look forward to playing, even if it sometimes means I throw caution to the wind!

1st: Mrs H (10points)
2nd: Mr S (8points)
3rd: Mrs J (6points)
4th: Mr P (4points)
5th: Me (2points)
6th: Mrs S (1point)

To finish the evening another game of Zombie Dice was played, this would again offer 5 bonus points to the winner……..

1st to eat 13 brains: Mrs J (5 bonus points)

So the games had been played, the scores total, winners crowned, non winners crowned and commiserations to the , iddle runners. The final table is:

GNWC Thanet Champion: Mrs H, total 35 points
2nd: Mr P, total 34 points
3rd: Mrs J, total 24 points
4th: Me, total 22 points
5th: Mrs S, total 15 points
GNWC Non Winner: Mr S, total 13 points


Congratulations to Mrs H who takes the GNWC Die till the next event.

Congratulations also go to Mr S, who graciously handed the GNWC Die to Mrs H then recieved the non Winners ludo piece form Mrs J.

Well, another event passed with a new throphy recipients, the J house hold is throphy-less. The next GNWC will be at the Bay arena, I will do my best to recieve either one!

Thank you Mrs S and Mr S for a brilliant evening.


Who knew backstabbing would lead to this!!

So, its been nearly a month since my last blog and yes it would have been sooner if I hadn’t had bloggers guilt!

Blogger guilt: having a post idea to write but not posting beacuse ‘it’s been too long’

In the last four weeks I have played and enjoyed more games of Formula D with Mr S, and introduced some other friends to the game that accelerated my love of tabletop gaming.

That game is Munchkin.

A bit of history, for a long time now I have been speaking about Munchkin to a friend at work, not going into too much detail. I held back on the detail as you never know how much of a geek the other person is. I can go on about the game for an age but find out the other person  has lost interest when they hear the words dungeon and cards. This didnt happen, Mr A wanted to hear more.

Mr A was asking about the game and the dangerous phase ‘I’d like to try that’ was uttered.

This phase sparked an new geeky friendship, the conversations soon gained another member in the form of Mr D.

These converstaions always revolved around our geek passions, tabletop games for me, model making for Mr A and star gazing/train set building (one off project) for Mr D. We would each describe progress on projects and bounce ideas off each other until we made the decision to get together and have a games night.

This night was to introduce Mr A and Mr D to Munchkin.

Munchkin is a game when you kick in the door, defeat a monster, take its treasure and backstab your friends.

It is essentially a RPG but without the character backstory and long length of storytelling.

The main premise is to get to level 10 first, yup thats all!

You start the game as a level 1 human, you are dealt eight cards (four door and four treasure), these cards will be a mixture of Monsters, weapons, curses, potions, races, classes and special items.

The weapons will give you bonuses, so as a level 1 human with a rat on a stick with a +1 (hey its better than nothing) will mean you have +2 to attack with. This is good if you have to fight a level 1 monster, but you will either need help from another player or run away.

As you defeat monsters you go up a level and get treasure, increasing your attack points, potions and curses as you go.

When you get a few levels ahead of the other players, they will backstab you to stop you from  winning. This can be done in any number of ways, cursing the player to lose bonuses, stealing items, stopping them from defeating a monster or aiding the monster by giving it additional bonuses.

For a more coherent overview I would suggest watching the episode on TableTop.

We agreed that we would go to Mr A’s house one Saturday and the introduction would begin. Due to having the deluxe version (comes with a board and figures) of the game we set up on the coffee table and started.

The next thing we knew SIX HOURS HAD GONE BY!!

We played quite a few games, laughed through out, and without knowing started something which has grown.

We left Mr A’s and the next time we saw each other we discussed meeting up again, we now have regular chats as a three via Whatsapp discussing each of our geeky passions, spurring each other on, offering advice and continuing to laugh!

The geek circle grows! (I won’t leave it so long next time!)