Additional Reinforcements, larger lead pile!

So this Birthday and Christmas (they are very close together) was Bolt Action heavy with US reinforcements.

So I thought I would share the reinforcements:

1.) The rule book, Armies of the USA Book, and Battleground Europe supplement.


I will give an overview of each book soon I hope!

2.) Rangers lead the way box set.


I plan for these to be split in to a small squad of 5 Engineers, and two squads of 10 Rangers. From reading the Battleground Europe book Engineer squads may come in handy!

3.) M5 Stuart light tank and a M3 Lee Medium tank.


Both are resin models, built, primed and with two coats of olive drab. I enjoyed the build of both of these. These have given me options for my list.

4.) 2 Armoured Jeeps and an Airbourne Jeep


More options for transport, reconnaissance or fire power!

5.) US Forward Observation Officers, USA Army Command (Inc Officer, Medic and FOO), Special Character models (War Photographer, General Patton, Chesty Puller, Brit Medic). Airbourne Medium Machine Gun team.


All based and primed and in the paint pile.

6.) To be built….. Army MMG Team, Duece and a half truck, Airborne Medium Howitzer


7.) “Borrowed” British Universal Carriers which my USA Infantry or Rangers will use for transport!


Thanks to the guys at Warlord, who when the order was delivered, upgraded the original order of two Universal Carriers to the Universal Carrier box set which included 15 British infantry.

I have plans for the British infantry, our group may expand in to Very British Civil War rules/scenarios.

Well that’s about it for reinforcements! I will show the completed troops very soon!

Still prepping the troops for this Saturdays game day when I go toe to toe with Mr S’s Soviet hoard (he has sooo many for so few points!)

Till next time!