Project #1 – The First Step!!!!

Some of my fondest memories as a child are when my Mum, Dad, a friend and I went camping.

Every year we would pack the caravan and head off to the New Forest and spend two week enjoying all weathers.

It was on these holiday’s where I first started fishing, building Airfix kits (which has since ceased) and also where in the evening my Mum and Dad taught my friend and I how to play Crib (Cribbage).

As I grew older we played crib mainly at Christmas, and when Mrs J and I first got together and after some frustration of understand fifteen two, fifteen four, Mrs J also came to enjoy and look forward to the Christmas Crib tradition.

A few years ago my Mum and Dad moved back to the Motherland, this would mean amongst other things the crib board made of of a type of wood that sinks with them. That same year we were house sitting for Mrs J’s Uncle and I had one of my ‘I have a brilliant idea but don’t know how to accomplish it, so I’ll start anyway’ ideas.

I decided to build my own Crib board.

It hit me, the idea, when I saw a log in the wood pile. It was a nice straight piece of wood, I can honestly say it was a nice looking piece of wood. So I did the bull in a china shop thing of getting a saw and cutting the log in half.

After 10 minutes I had two pieces of wood which to my suprise were equal in length, size and had a pretty straight cut. With the two pieces in my possession I started to plan the board and get artsy!

I chose to make the board look like the log I had just cut in half, so hinges would be required. That new year the wood travelling with me, Mrs J and I spent the New Year at my In-Laws.

I explained what I wanted to do to my Father-in-Law (FiL) and we spent New Years day in the garage sanding and preparing the board. I ran over to my Mum and Dads house (Mrs J and I grew up opposite each other) and borrowed the non floating crib board. With all holes measured a template created my FiL and I drilled all holes and the score board was ready. Now for the lid!

At this point I hadn’t thought the project through! I had no pegs to score with and no where to store them! FiL then had the excellent idea of using rivets and routing a storage compartment in the lid. At this point I had never used a router so I swiftly passed this task over.

Within 30 minutes I had a storage compartment and a scoreboard, the hinges added. My first project was complete!

I enjoyed this process so much I think I can say this is when the bug was caught to make something where I enjoy the process of the build and equally enjoy using the finished project.

This process also taught me to plan, something that I am still developing now! I get an idea and don’t think it through!

Since completion of the log crib board we now also carry on the tradition of christmas playing when Mrs J and I spend Christmas in Kent and have our foursome high stakes competative game when we see Mum and Dad in the Motherland in New Year.

The log crib board symbolises the first steps to my geeky passion, the enjoyment I get from building and my love of tabletop games!


Apologies for the lack of photos, photos will be added very soon when I am back in front of my computer!