Additional Reinforcements, larger lead pile!

So this Birthday and Christmas (they are very close together) was Bolt Action heavy with US reinforcements.

So I thought I would share the reinforcements:

1.) The rule book, Armies of the USA Book, and Battleground Europe supplement.


I will give an overview of each book soon I hope!

2.) Rangers lead the way box set.


I plan for these to be split in to a small squad of 5 Engineers, and two squads of 10 Rangers. From reading the Battleground Europe book Engineer squads may come in handy!

3.) M5 Stuart light tank and a M3 Lee Medium tank.


Both are resin models, built, primed and with two coats of olive drab. I enjoyed the build of both of these. These have given me options for my list.

4.) 2 Armoured Jeeps and an Airbourne Jeep


More options for transport, reconnaissance or fire power!

5.) US Forward Observation Officers, USA Army Command (Inc Officer, Medic and FOO), Special Character models (War Photographer, General Patton, Chesty Puller, Brit Medic). Airbourne Medium Machine Gun team.


All based and primed and in the paint pile.

6.) To be built….. Army MMG Team, Duece and a half truck, Airborne Medium Howitzer


7.) “Borrowed” British Universal Carriers which my USA Infantry or Rangers will use for transport!


Thanks to the guys at Warlord, who when the order was delivered, upgraded the original order of two Universal Carriers to the Universal Carrier box set which included 15 British infantry.

I have plans for the British infantry, our group may expand in to Very British Civil War rules/scenarios.

Well that’s about it for reinforcements! I will show the completed troops very soon!

Still prepping the troops for this Saturdays game day when I go toe to toe with Mr S’s Soviet hoard (he has sooo many for so few points!)

Till next time!


The beginnings of the field artillery


The beginnings of the Warlord Games US Airborne 57mm Anti Tank Gun.

Four pieces glued tonight in an hour, not too much glue on the fingers either!

Whilst this is fiddly it’s very enjoyable to build. As with all Warlord kits the are well made and nice to build.

Just a short sharp post tonight!

See you soon,


The Second Installation

The bunker and farm house were part of my ‘annual leave project’, that was seven weeks ago – I’m a bit behind on the posts!

The bunker and farm house were both built over three Bolt Action focused days.

On one of the days Mrs J and I were off out in the afternoon, this left me twiddling my thumbs in the morning, to overcome the thumb twiddling I decided to make another military installation. 

This installation was to be a mortar/machine gun pit. A small enough build to start in half a day!

This time I had a plan of the look in my head and I proceeded to start cutting foam board! Here are the results……

Bunker built, ground works polyfillered. Apologies for lack of previous steps!
Concrete 'cast'

Action shots……

Zeroing in


Aerial shot

Hope you enjoy!

Until next time.


An old farm

I was really happy with the way the bunker came out, so much so I decided to expand the terrain out and scratch build a ruined farm house.

Again it was a build as I went project. The only constant from the previous build was the height of the doors and ceiling.

Each floor of the farm house is a usable space, even the roof.  I think for all my scratch built projects the more area you can use the more variety you’ll have.

The farm house was built using foamboard. I really like the solid feel the foam board gives once the poly filler has set.

Here’s the finished ruined farm house…..

First steps - planning the ruins
Useable spaces
Even the roof
Plastered, painted and weathered
Finished front
Side 1
The rear of the property
Side 2

Action shots












More terrain has been scratch built, post to follow.

Until next time.


The chosen side!

Recently I have made reference to my new geek strand of Bolt Action but I am yet to show my hand as it were!

I picked the Americans, due to the lovely miniatures and the fact I was watching Band of Brothers!

During this shopping spree I had decided I didn’t want to buy a starter army. I couldn’t justify the money without playing first!

After shopping round and looking at the infantry boxes I decided on the US Marine Corp.  Plus I ordered a Medium Machine Gun (MMG) and a medium mortar.

I had already splashed some cash on an Airfix M4A3 Sherman tank from Hobbycraft whilst shopping for our new arrival!

In the end my reinforced platoon consists of:


1 x 1st Lieutenant


1 x Forward Observer Officer


1 x Sniper Team


1 x   Bazooka Team




3 x 8 man squads. Each with a NCO with sub machine gun and at least 7 rifles (one squad contains a shot gun).


1 x Medium Machine Gun.


1 x Medium Mortar


1 x M4A3 Sherman Tank.

All have been completed over the last 6 weeks.

All four of us nation’s have been bitten by the BA bug! So much so we are all off to the Warlord Games Games Day next month!

This visit was supposed to be a shopping day, but alas we have broken and ordered more units early.

I’m very excited as my box of US infantry and squad of US Airborne have been dispatched today!

Fingers crossed for a delivery tomorrow!


GNWC….. The Return!

The rematch is on, the venue set for Thanet, and the participants ready. It was time for titles to be defended and the hope of new winners to be broken……. its time for another Games Night World Championship!

Would Mr S retain the Winners trophy? Would Mrs J retain the Non winners trophy? Would we have new winners? The excitiment is building to 11. Here goes……

For this event Mrs H, Mr P, Mrs J and myself would be playing against Mr S and Mrs S in their home statium in Thanet.

The games commenced after a beautiful dinner of Spaghetti Bolognese followed by Lemon Merengue Pie. The chosen running order was as follows:


A very close game for all, this was Mrs H and Mr P’s second game. By Level 4 we were all in the swing and cursing/back stabbing like mad! After a dramatic ending where all but two players were on Level 9 Both Mrs H and Mr P won (Mr P assisited and was allowed to move up a level too!) Not bad for their second game!

1st: Mrs H and Mr P (10points each)
2nd: Mrs J (8points)
3rd: Me (6points)
4th : Mrs S (4points)
5th: Mr S (2points)

Zombie Dice:

A five minute filler where the first to scoff 13 brains would take 5 bonus points, everyone else would receive ziltch!

1st: Mrs H (5 bonus points)

(A trend was beginning to show at this point!)


Apart from Mrs J and I this was only the second or third time the rest of the part had played this game. I think the more I play this game the more I love how simple it is but how strategic it is!

1st: Mr P (10points)
2nd Mrs H (8points)
3rd: Me (6points)
4th: Mrs S (4points)
5th: Mr S (2points)
6th: Mrs J (1point)

At this point in the championship it looked as though Mrs H and Mr P were flying away with the victors die!

A new game for the GNWC was next, Mrs S’s favourite game…… Pass  the Pigs. A ‘pig’ throwing game where the position the pair of pigs land scores you points, unless you ‘pig out’ (both pigs on their sides with one side with a dot and one side without) this will zero your score for that round.

Pass the Pigs:

1st: Mr P (10points)
2nd: Me (8points)
3rd: Mrs S (6points)
4th: Mrs J ( 4points)
5th: Mrs H (2points)
6th: Mr S (1point)

Formula D.

Yes, the game reliant on good dice rolls and a good strategy was next (I should have remembered this!!). This is a game I always look forward to playing, even if it sometimes means I throw caution to the wind!

1st: Mrs H (10points)
2nd: Mr S (8points)
3rd: Mrs J (6points)
4th: Mr P (4points)
5th: Me (2points)
6th: Mrs S (1point)

To finish the evening another game of Zombie Dice was played, this would again offer 5 bonus points to the winner……..

1st to eat 13 brains: Mrs J (5 bonus points)

So the games had been played, the scores total, winners crowned, non winners crowned and commiserations to the , iddle runners. The final table is:

GNWC Thanet Champion: Mrs H, total 35 points
2nd: Mr P, total 34 points
3rd: Mrs J, total 24 points
4th: Me, total 22 points
5th: Mrs S, total 15 points
GNWC Non Winner: Mr S, total 13 points


Congratulations to Mrs H who takes the GNWC Die till the next event.

Congratulations also go to Mr S, who graciously handed the GNWC Die to Mrs H then recieved the non Winners ludo piece form Mrs J.

Well, another event passed with a new throphy recipients, the J house hold is throphy-less. The next GNWC will be at the Bay arena, I will do my best to recieve either one!

Thank you Mrs S and Mr S for a brilliant evening.


Deeper down the rabbit hole………….

So a while back I posted a blog about a meet up with Mr A and Mr D and introduced them to Munchkin. Well that night we, amongst other things, discused our projects. Mr D with his train set, my various wood working projects, and Mr A mentioned he was planning a SpaceHulk layout.

SpaceHulk, a corridor based miniatures game based in the Games Workshop 40k era set in a large crashed spaceship or as the title suggest a spacehulk. We had all dabbled in the GW world, I’d mainly based myself fantasy era while Mr A and D were 40k players. During the night and preceding week we were disscussing various plans and ideas for the bespoke hulk, then Mr A sent this link out….

Beasts of War – Bolt Action Demo Game Part 1

We were hooked immediately!

For me the hook was not just the beautiful models, the rule set, random turn placement (these grabbed me and gave me a good shake!). It was the scope and adaptability of the game options, if we wanted a game based on tight corridors and house rules, we could. If we wanted an epic battle we could. Plus the scenarios for each battle coukd have vaarious abjectives and story lines.

Since this initial video we have a decided on nations, each had a rule book and nation book, and are well on the way to finishing painting our c1000point platoon!

Its been a busy few months, with lots of planning and painting, and even a first game (more on that soon!!).

Heres to the next blog…….

Oh, the nation choices are…….

Mr A – The British and Commonwealth (only fair as Mr A is a real life veteran)
Mr D – The Germans
Moi – The USA
New addition Mr S (from previous blogs) who may choose the Russians!