Played 5, Won/lost/drawn……

It’s coming up for a year since we all got together as a geek club and started down the murky path of tabletop wargames.

The initial battle

In that year I personally have played 4 games of Bolt Action and a game of Tank Wars.

First battle against the Brits was closely fought but ultimately was won by the Brits.

Brits 1 : USA 0

The Second Attempt!

The next match up was in the geek cave of Mr A, again the Brits went toe to toe with the Americans. Another close fought battle where both sides new toys were taken out very early!

After two encounters against the Brits this is a difficult battle where both Mr A and I through tactics out the window and try to match each others strength. It’s an  ‘Ah your attacking me with an armoured jeep, I’ll attach you with my armoured car!’ kind of battle!

Brits 2 : USA 0

That night the Germans took on the Soviet army. Both fought valiantly but this was ultimately won by the Germans after Mr D carries out a ‘tactical retreat’, we have renamed this Running away!

The next meet up the Germans and Americans were up against each other.
This was a different difficult battle to the Brits, Herr D has some big armour, this caused me to have armour blindness and forget about the very strong troops!

Heavy losses were taken early on causing me to throw caution to the wind and use my Airbourne squad to assault a tank, this surprisingly nearly worked!

Ultimately enough USA order dice were in possession of the Germans for the Americans to be defeated

Germany 1 (with a tactical retreat included): USA 0.

Sofar it’s played three lost three for me. I am the groups wooden spoon!

Major Winters to lead the troops!

Finally in the last maximum attrition two Saturdays ago was the USA against the Soviets of Mr S.

To begin with this was the largest battle either Mr S or I have played, approx 2800 each, we had everything on the table!

In total there were 48 units, 22 Soviet, 26 USA. The battle lasted approximately 6 hours!

I changed my tactics this time, instead of trying to just take out units to win order dice I tried to put as many pins on the targets as possible. I felt focusing on the dice was clouding the game for me.

This worked for me, I was able to do us on the squad movements and longer game plans rather than fire fighting and reacting to others movements.

After turn one it was I had 3 order dice, Mr S had 1.

After turn two, 4 soviet dice in my possession,  1 USA dice to the Soviets.

By turn five it was 5 dice in my possession to 3 in Mr S’s. Due to the length of time the turns were taking Mr S and I were going to call it a draw. Due to the close nature Mr D and A said no, we were both in a position where it could go either way, we played on……

Turn six ended, I had taken the victory 12 dice to 7.

USA 1 : Soviets 0

It was another close battle….. This one resulting in my first win!

A lot of things to think about!

Honestly each of the nation’s are extremely difficult to play and require a different approach and mind set, it’s because of this that all four of us really enjoy this hobby!

The Brits are extremely hardy.
The Germans are tough with strong armour.
The Soviets are hardy, have strong armour and there are loads of them!

An amazing hobby, where I am still the wooden spoon!

Until next time!


Additional Reinforcements, larger lead pile!

So this Birthday and Christmas (they are very close together) was Bolt Action heavy with US reinforcements.

So I thought I would share the reinforcements:

1.) The rule book, Armies of the USA Book, and Battleground Europe supplement.


I will give an overview of each book soon I hope!

2.) Rangers lead the way box set.


I plan for these to be split in to a small squad of 5 Engineers, and two squads of 10 Rangers. From reading the Battleground Europe book Engineer squads may come in handy!

3.) M5 Stuart light tank and a M3 Lee Medium tank.


Both are resin models, built, primed and with two coats of olive drab. I enjoyed the build of both of these. These have given me options for my list.

4.) 2 Armoured Jeeps and an Airbourne Jeep


More options for transport, reconnaissance or fire power!

5.) US Forward Observation Officers, USA Army Command (Inc Officer, Medic and FOO), Special Character models (War Photographer, General Patton, Chesty Puller, Brit Medic). Airbourne Medium Machine Gun team.


All based and primed and in the paint pile.

6.) To be built….. Army MMG Team, Duece and a half truck, Airborne Medium Howitzer


7.) “Borrowed” British Universal Carriers which my USA Infantry or Rangers will use for transport!


Thanks to the guys at Warlord, who when the order was delivered, upgraded the original order of two Universal Carriers to the Universal Carrier box set which included 15 British infantry.

I have plans for the British infantry, our group may expand in to Very British Civil War rules/scenarios.

Well that’s about it for reinforcements! I will show the completed troops very soon!

Still prepping the troops for this Saturdays game day when I go toe to toe with Mr S’s Soviet hoard (he has sooo many for so few points!)

Till next time!


A road trip…..

For a few weeks now myself and others in the geek clan have not summoned up the energy or enthusiasm to build, paint or do anything remotely link to Bolt Action.

We’ve still enthusiastically talked at great length about our plans and ideas but it hasn’t translated into any ‘productive’.

We needed a kick up the posterior, this kick came in the form of Warlord Games Games Day 2014, an open day at Warlords HQ in Nottingham.

Mr A had shown us the open day on the Warlord website a few months ago, we had all got rather excited and booked the tickets and waited, got more excited and waited some more. Then the 26th July arrived.

A 400mile round trip was a head of us, Mr S and I left my house at 0445 to start the pick ups. By 0600 Mr A and Mr D had joined us in the geek mobile and we were off to Nottingham!

From 0600 till 1030 when we arrived at Warlord HQ we discussed anything and everything geeky and Bolt Action related.

Upon arrival and after eating breakfast we proceeded to queue for our wrist band and free miniature, PC Dogsberry, and we were in! We had a quick glance around the first welcoming lobby, we the proceeded to enter the main hall. First stop shopping!

We all spent a quick trolley dash picking up the items we had been planning for week. For me I purchased a Sherman tank, M8 Greyhound, Half track, and the Historicon 2014 minature of Dick Winters. Being the US and having a squad of Airbourne this was a must!

We then had a break and a drink, then we walked round the tables.

The table walk round was brilliant, all the exhibitors running the demo games were very friendly. The tables were really good and I think we all picked up some ideas for our own terrain boards.

Here’s a few snap shots, apologies for the lack of photos but I was caught up in the day!

Black Powder........ I think
The Alamo, Saving Private Ryan
The Alamo Pt 2
Huge Black Powder board
Black Powder again. Loved the avenue of trees
Mandatory Miniatures Normandy Bolt Action board
An amazing cliff board

After another break we then went on a tour of the factory. We saw the two workshops, the resin casting area and the metal forge.

All the Warlord guys were really friendly in each of the areas. In the metal forge you were able to cast your own miniatures. Mr D cast 12 German’s, Mr S cast 12 Russians and all were given a free Druid miniature.

After another brief walk round we brought our trip to Nottingham to an end and hit the road again.

I would like to say thank you to Warlord Games for putting on such a relaxing friendly open day. It was really nice to share the day with people who were just as enthusiastic about the games as we are.

There was never any pressure to play, chat or buy from any exhibitors or companies at the day.

The open day has really lit a fire in all of us, so much so at 2100 when Mr S and I arrived back home we built our tanks whilst waiting for Mrs S and Mrs J to get in!

Thank you again Warlord, we will return!


An old out house…….

Well the ramshackled farmhouse is built and awaiting installation on a game board in the near future, but it would look silly on its own, wouldn’t it?

To turn the farmhouse in to a farmstead it needed a shed/small barn/man cave.

So here goes:

To make the below the following materials were used:
Foam core board
Lolly sticks
Long matches
Cheap wall filler
GW earth wash
Beach sand

Initial skeleton
Roofing material installed
Strategic priming
Painted and weathered

The finished article…..

Right hand side
Left hand side
From the top

Thanks for reading!


The Second Installation

The bunker and farm house were part of my ‘annual leave project’, that was seven weeks ago – I’m a bit behind on the posts!

The bunker and farm house were both built over three Bolt Action focused days.

On one of the days Mrs J and I were off out in the afternoon, this left me twiddling my thumbs in the morning, to overcome the thumb twiddling I decided to make another military installation. 

This installation was to be a mortar/machine gun pit. A small enough build to start in half a day!

This time I had a plan of the look in my head and I proceeded to start cutting foam board! Here are the results……

Bunker built, ground works polyfillered. Apologies for lack of previous steps!
Concrete 'cast'

Action shots……

Zeroing in


Aerial shot

Hope you enjoy!

Until next time.