Keeping on trucking…..

I settled down last night with the best intentions of building more of the Rangers (10/25 to go!). Instead I may of been slightly sideswiped with new shiney toys!

I opened my lead box to search for some more weapons from my bits box as I was/am slightly concerned I don’t have enough BAR’s for my selection choice, and I instead found a bubble wrap bag containing a ‘Deuce and a half’ that Mr S had given me as a birthday gift.

Additional transportation!

The kit is a mixture of metal and resin from Warlord. It comes with two options for the cab structure, the machine gun mounting shown above and a covered cab. I have gone for a bit more fire power!

As with the majority of Warlord kits it doesn’t come with a construction diagram, I can understand this as there is no reason one cannot go to the Warlord website and view construction diagrams on line……. except there isn’t a Deuce diagram!

It’s not too difficult to work out what goes where and why, I did struggle with the support strut for the gun mounting but the good old Web sort that out!

The tricky gun mount

I really enjoyed making this kit (although I need to attach the cab to the trailer still!). The cab and trailer requires a small amount of clean up but nothing major. I would normally have done this before gluing but getting sideswiped and having a small person asleep means I’ll do it before priming!

I would certainly recommend this kit!

Transportation ahoy!

I have found that I may need to wear face masks and probably goggles when using super glue! Since stopping gluing I have had a block nose! It’s slowly receding!

Until next time!


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