Slow progress

A few post back (link below) I posted about the growing lead pile, I thought it would be best to buy/receive in bulk.

Additional Reinforcements,  Larger Lead Pile

The reasoning being that with a scaled down human, and moving from the geek cave to a geek house it would be a good idea to have a pile and work through. So far so good!

It’s daunting having a lot of miniatures but in a way it’s ideal, I have a project that I can dip in and out out depending on a time window.

So here’s tonight progress……..

Fiddly Plastics!

The Rangers are taking shape slowly,  back row is a five man engineer squad.

The front two rows are a ten man Ranger squad.

A quick scan of the Battleground Europe supplement found rules for engineer squads. I really need to read on  and develop!

Slowly moving forward!


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